Teachers’ Perceptions of Fathers’ Participation in Early Childhood Education in New Zealand


  • Parisa Tadi
  • Amir Sadeghi


Fathers’ participation in Early Childhood Education (ECE) has been recognised to have a positive influence on young children’s and their families’ well-being. Teachers’ beliefs and attitudes have been reported to be a factor that potentially impacts on fathers’ participation. The current study investigates teachers’ perception about fathers’ participation in ECE and further suggests ways to enhance fathers’ participation. To this end, 100 teachers working in ECE centres, ranging from relief teachers to managers, were asked to fill a questionnaire. The findings showed that 87% of ECE teachers from different age groups, educational degrees and occupational positions, feel satisfied when they have more communications with fathers and believe fathers need to be involved with ECE programmes. More detailed findings and pertinent implications are discussed.