Together is best - Partnership in assessment in a digital world





When teachers and parents share ideas about children’s learning the possibilities for understanding and extending a child’s development is enriched. The New Zealand (NZ) early childhood curriculum embraces this partnership with the understanding that parents will contribute expert knowledge of their child to enrich formative assessment practices. With the advent of digital communications, there has been a shift towards parents and teachers communicating about children’s learning through an ePortfolio. This article discusses parent-teacher partnerships in formative assessment and how an ePortfolio has evolved as a tool for sharing information between home and the centre. Themes relating to the nature of parent-teacher communication through an ePortfolio that have emerged from NZ research are outlined. Lastly, I share my ongoing learning in ePortfolio usage, encouraging the reader to consider how teachers and parents can utilise the ePortfolio to build collaborative understandings of children’s interests/expertise in order to inform future learning.