Opening doors:Teachers supporting children with a loved one incarcerated

  • Charlotte Robertson


Being awarded the Margaret M. Blackwell Travel Scholarship for the early childhood sector in 2018 opened doors for me to research internationally how teachers can support children of prisoners and what local communities and government can do to. My motivation when applying for this scholarship was prompted by years of advocating for children of prisoners and realising the variances in understanding among many who interact with these children. My research both confirmed and challenged our responses when children in educational settings are affected by the incarceration of a loved one. Information was collected through prison visits, observations and interactions with children and prisoners, professionals and volunteers working in organisations and settings related to prison life. I read everything from academic research to pamphlets and attended a children and trauma conference. Among others I am indebted to advocates for children of prisoners here in Aotearoa: Liz Gordon and Pillars, Ka Pou Whakahou, Venezia Kingi and Sir Clinton Roper.

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